August 26, 2008

New build of FlashDevelop 3 released: Beta 8

Mika says:

This release is long overdue but there were a few issues that we wanted to resolve and then there were summer vacations... :)
There are quite a lot of new features and really nice stability improvements, we hope that all of you enjoy this release!

About FlashDevelop:

* Features
* Screenshots


* New "fullscreen" editor mode
* New common GUI for AS2Api and ASDoc
* SWF exploration shows the frame where definitions are imported

* Fine tuned code completion
* Dynamic syntax highlighting: custom classes get colored like flash classes (MovieClip, Event, etc)
* Completion for package-level declarations and Flash 10's Vector. type
* New generator: Ctrl+Shift+1 on a non-imported type to generate the import
* Go To Declaration (F4) with SWC classes display a generated pseudo-class
* Improved generators

* Tags with ID now appear in outline view and script code completion
* Updated completion (generated using a tool available in SVN)

* Improved MXML projects templates
* New optimized AS3 project template with preloader (no Flex dependencies)
* Templates now include an index.html with swfobject.js

* Now featuring simple PHP completion


* Backup your customized user files: The setting files have changed quite a lot so check before you overwrite the new ones.
* Get Adobe Flex 3 SDK. The free Flex SDK (2 or 3) is required for ActionScript 3 development if you don't use Flash CS3.
* Get the debug Flash player (you need: projector and Active X)
* Java 1.6+ is required for the Flex compiler (ActionScript 3).

:!: If you think the program is good, please donate some money for this project. :!:


Built from rev. 36
Download FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta8

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