August 26, 2008

A job change for me: joining Club Penguin

After being with the Flash Authoring team for over two years, I've made a change. Adobe is an awesome company to work for, but I was working remotely and found I really needed more face-to-face interaction. Every time I went to San Francisco and worked at Flash HQ I'd have such a great time. Then after a week I'd come back and work in a room by myself for months on end. It got depressing after a while and I eventually realized that socializing at work wasn't just a privilege but a necessity for me. I wasn't ready to relocate so I found a position with Club Penguin, a local (Kelowna, B.C.) company that Disney bought last year. I started last week and already I'm talking to myself less. =)

Club Penguin has another position open right now:

I don't know what Adobe's plans are for my former position, but you can keep an eye on their job postings here:

At Club Penguin I'll be taking on massively multiplayer online game development, an exciting new challenge. I'll also be responsible for mentoring the ActionScripters here, equipping them with the best knowledge, tools and practices for Flash development. I'll be advocating for some of my hobby horses like OOP, TDD and AsUnit, pair programming, refactoring, Agile practices, mtasc and mxmlc, SVN, continuous integration, FlashDevelop and Flex Builder. I love both teaching and creating so this will be a nice blend of the two.


Thibault said...

Hi Robert,

Good luck at Penguin ;)



flabbygums said...


Funny timing: for no particular reason I was going through old Flash books last week and read your Personal Background in Programming Macromedia Flash MX; (was very you now scribble on white boards when you're bored like you did on math tests?) So it's nice to what you're up to 8 years later :)

About your post, I'm curious when you choose to use Flash Develop and when you'd use Flex Builder? I'm assuming if you use the Flex core you'll use FB, but what about for AS3 only projects. Do you prefer one over the other?

Robert Penner said...

I use Flex Builder for Flex projects where I need design mode, and FlashDevelop for all versions of ActionScript and JavaScript. FlashDevelop doesn't give you code completion for JSFL but it has other features that help.

In the past, I've used Flex Builder for AS3-only projects because for a while it was ahead of FlashDevelop. But now FlashDevelop's AS3 integration is really good and I prefer its interface.

But now Flex Builder has added some refactoring features like renaming identifiers, which I wish FlashDevelop had.

Luke Bayes said...

Congratulations Robert!

Jim Armstrong said...

Good luck and best wishes,

- jim armstrong

Moses Gunesch said...

Robert – this is a big surprise! I certainly enjoyed communicating with you while you were with Adobe. You did great work there, thanks so much for the contributions to the animation world. Great fortune and prosperity at your new gig – Hope to keep in touch!



Dominick Accattato said...

Robert, good luck man! Multi-User real-time dev is where it's at ;)

Mod101 said...

I am making a game like Club penguin and I need some Flash actionscripters and anything to do with Flash but we do have some other posititions and I found your blog.
I would like to offer you a job and right after beta testing I will have a membership set up and I will pay the workers but first we have to have a meeting, I have about 7 workers!
If you would like to apply for this job please email me at

Curtis J. Morley said...


Congrats on the job. My kids play your games. That is great. I am sure that you will make a big difference there.


Anonymous said...

Y is it i cant go on cp any more? :( i wanna go on but it won't let me and i dont wanna download anything!!!!!!!!!!!