August 10, 2007


... to my geosynchronous lair. Emerging from deep web hibernation, I've finally started my own blog.

Life at Adobe

In April 2006, I joined the Adobe Flash Authoring team as a software engineer, specializing in ActionScript and JSFL. I've always enjoyed creating tools for the Flash community. Now I have the privilege of expanding the Flash tool itself, together with a team of extremely talented people.

When your colleagues can add C++ and JSFL features for you on demand, and they say, "here, enjoy your new build of Flash"--now you're playing with power! At one point last year I said to my manager, "You know, I could really use some XML parsing in JSFL." Jethro says, "Sure, I'll look into that." Next thing I know, he's dropping in E4X himself. "Thanks, boss."

Areas of Interest

  • In Flash CS3, Copy and Paste Motion and Copy Motion as ActionScript 3.0 were my main responsibilities. These features are fairly simple to use in their core use cases. But there are lot of subtleties once you dig a little deeper, which I'd like to explore.
  • I've been working a lot with JSFL, XML, E4X and, of course, AS3.
  • Tweening, easing and the Timeline are never boring.
  • I majored in philosophy, so the occasional "analog moment" may sneak in. =)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see such a pioneer finally in the blogosphere.

btw, that wasn't intended to rhyme.

Anonymous said...

hi robert -

thanks so much for your contributions, i was delighted by your AS2 animation API you gave to the community. cheers! STEF

GrfxGuru said...

Glad to have you around, thanks Robert!

Abdul said...

Glad to hear from you.. Welcome back..


Anonymous said...

it might sound niggling but i would like to see your blog in an user friendly matter. that negative colors (white on black) let my eyes flutter when i read some lines and then look up again. think about it, greez, dr.ache

Dominick said...

Robert, great to see your writing again!

dada said...

Hi Robert !

Nice to see you on the web, and thank you for all that you gave to Flash Community. :-)
Keep your style. :P

flash game programming said...

Hey Robert,
Glad to see you again!
And thanks to Flash Community!

TroyWorks said...

Hey Robert,

Wanted to thank you for easing my life. After being introduced to easing/tweening, I've started applying them to many non-visual aspects, in addition to developing a few tweening engines of my own.

just discovered the Matrix Transformer which again is going to make life much easier.

Troy (

Anonymous said...
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Yai said...