August 10, 2007

Links for Copy Motion as ActionScript 3

For those interested in the new Copy Motion as AS3 feature in Flash CS3, here are some good links to start you off:

Adobe Resources



7 comments: said...

Thank, nice usefull links.

Chris Charlton said...

Thanks for listing :)

星夜骑士 said...

what a beautiful website.

Rob C said...

A great many thanks for the Easing Functions. You're a genius!

Knox.x3 said...

Hi Mr Penner,

I'm Knox and would like to ask if you still have a copy of your old 'Robert Penner's programming Macromedia flash MX' (ebook).
I really wonna master everything in that book.

Just a question; have you released anything on AS3 ,yet?

I'm craving for that book, and couldn't get it shipped from

Please, forward me a feedback if possible, on

Greatest thanks!!!


Robert Penner said...

Hi Knox,

There are no plans for an AS3 version of my book. Your best bet would be, they say it's in stock. I'm surprised they still have it after over 6 years.

Cleanse said...

Nice info. Thanks!